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'While Apples Grew’ Novel

A novel written by blind veteran,John Healy.

A novel written by a blind veteran

'While Apples Grew'was written by blind veteran John Healy, known as Tim.

He served as a Corporal in the Royal Army Service Corps during the First World War and after suffering deterioration of his eyesight joined St Dunstan's (now Blind Veterans UK) in 1923.

Tim trained in shorthand typing and rug-making and went on to work for the Carol League, which raised funds for St Dunstan's and the National Institute of the Blind (now the Royal National Institute of the Blind).

Tim developed an interest in writing relatively late in life and produced novels and short stories. 'While Apples Grew' was the first novel he wrote, and it was published by the Mitre Press in 1955 when Tim was aged 79. A lively read, our magazine the Review summed it up by saying that 'Intrigue and love, swindlers and guns are amongst the ingredients of the book'.

Tim died in 1966.

Healy While Apples Grew