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Volunteer Certificate

For 100 years we have been supported by dedicated volunteers.

For 100 years we have been supported by dedicated volunteers

This volunteer certificate is from 1920s, when Blind Veterans UK was based at St Dunstan's Lodge in Regent's Park. It applauds the fantastic work done by volunteers to care for and support ex-Service men and women blinded in WWI.

At this time we had volunteers assisting us in many capacities. Volunteers from the National Library for the Blind came to Blind Veterans UK to teach braille. Back then this was an essential skill for the blind before the invention of the various reading technologies we have today. As well as education volunteers, we had others who would assist in the sporting activities such as rowing on the lake. We also had very dedicated volunteers who would devote an hour of their time early in the morning before going on to work. 

As well as these volunteers, we also had vital support from VAD nurses (voluntary aid detachement) who would help out with all aspects of care for the blind veterans living at St Dunstan's Lodge. Ian Fraser, our chairman at this time writes about his fond memories of the voluntary aid received by Blind Veterans UK.

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