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The Liberation of Holland Memorial

The memorial that signifies the strong friendship between United Kingdom and Holland.

The Liberation of Holland Memorial at Ovingdean

The strong tie of friendship between the United Kingdom and Holland was honoured in 1996 by a statue that sits in our Brighton centre. The statue was a gift from the Federation, Combat Stress of Eindhoven, Holland, and was presented as a gesture of gratitude for the liberation of their country by the Allies in 1945.

The project began in January 1995 when Combat Stress approached Blind Veterans UK, then St Dunstan's, expressing the wish to donate a memorial to the events of 1945 in recognition of those that couldn't attend the 50th anniversary commemorations in Holland.

Trevor Roberts, a local wood carver, suggested the medium and blind veteran Ray Sheriff recommended the theme.  The result was a six foot high statue which represents a British Tommy and a Dutch Resistance woman extending a hand towards each other.

The statue also bears a plaque in both print and braille that reads;

'To those who could

not join us in the

commemoration of the

fiftieth anniversary of the

liberation of Holland

Thank you liberators

From the people

Of Holland'