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The Blind Veterans UK Taxi

The Blind Veterans UK branded taxi has been with us for over 17 years and taken veterans, staff and supporters on many important journeys during its time.

The Blind Veterans UK Taxi

Although the taxi's main purpose is to bring vision impaired veterans from their homes to our headquarters in London to visit our clinic, where their sight is reviewed by a clinician, they can benefit from the comfort of travelling safely in our own taxi.

In the back of our cab, we've taken Simon Brown who lost his sight in Basra for a special dinner with Princess Margaret, the Queen's sister. We've also had royalty in the back of our cab; including the likes of Prince Pavlos and Russian Princess Jean Galitzine who had once modelled for Vogue.

The cab would have been used recently to take 99 year old blind Prisoner of War veteran Ron Freer to the Blind Veterans UK 100 year plaque unveiling but because of his wheelchair needs we used a different vehicle to support him. The vehicles are always selected to support the best welfare of our veterans.

Ian, our Chief Taxi Driver said "I've heard so many fascinating life stories in the back of this cab - everyone special and every one very unique. I have learned so much detail about the lives of the people that Blind Veterans UK support and am proud to be a part of their vital services"

The Taxi as you can see is not just a safe space to travel, but is a symbol of the support and welfare we provide to veterans.

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