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Talented artist and blind veteran Matt Rhodes

Celebrating the art work of blind painter Matt Rhodes.

Matt Rhodes Paintings

After a horrific accident, Matt was left blind and partially paralysed. Having been at peak fitness during his service in the Army, Matt made progress in his rehabilitation and went on to complete the London and Brighton Marathons, as well as abseils, skydives and endurance swims. When it was time for a new challenge, staff at the Brighton centre suggested painting.

"It was when Blind Veterans UK invited me to spend some time in the art and craft workshop in Brighton that I discovered my unlikely talent"

With the help of tutor David Bryant, Matt discovered he had a wonderful skill with a paintbrush and has worked on developing his skills ever since. He now has an extensive body of work and enjoys painting portraits of people he admires and memories from his time in service. Our Llandudno centre asked him to paint a mural in their Falkland's room and most notably, his painting of Stephen Gerrard was commended by the footballer himself!

Matt has written a book called 'Never Say Die' about his experiences in the army and as a blind veteran and he also has a blog for his art work http://matthew-rhodes.blogspot.co.uk/.

If you know anyone who may be eligible for our support, please do not hesitate to contact Blind Veterans UK on 0800 389 7979 or visit our No One Alone website for more information.