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St Dunstan's Train

For thirty years we had a train baring our name, travelling all over the country. 

St Dunstan's Train

Built in 1930, the 'St Dunstan's' Engine had been used on express passenger trains from Crewe to North Wales, Liverpool, Manchester and North West England and had run a total mileage between 1930 and August 1961 of 1,266,776 miles.

The train was christened on 17th April 1937 in Euston Station in the presence of a guard of honour comprising of blind veterans and headed by the band of the Marylebone branch of the British Legion.

At the naming ceremony of the train, our president at the time Sir Ian Fraser said: "I represent 2000 men who were blinded in the war. We might be called the two battalions of blinded soldiers. Though not a regiment in the military sense of the word, we are bound together by the same ties of loyalty and comradeship as the regiments which we served during the War.

I would like to thank the porters and train crews of the railways for the kindly personal service which they always give to blinded people, and I should also like to thank the directors and managements of British railways for the facilities which they have given to blinded persons travelling on their railways."