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Olympic Torch

In the summer of 2012, three of our blind veterans had the chance to carry the Olympic Torch.

Darren Blanks lights Olympic Torch from fell runner Joss Naylor

The 2012 Olympics was certainly one of the highlights of the decade so far, however nothing made us as elated than to have three of our very own blind veterans carry the Olympic Torch. Darren Blanks, Simon Brown (our Communications and Engagement Officer) and Craig Lundberg all lost part of their sight when serving in Iraq.

On his exhilarating experience of carrying the torch, Craig reported: "I feel proud to have represented my city. It was a great experience, mainly because I did it with Darren. Who would have thought that five years after he saved my life and helped me off the roof we would be standing together with the Olympic Torch, being cheered by thousands of people. It was incredible to be the final Torchbearer in Liverpool."

Darren Blanks, who served in King's Royal Hussars and completed two tours in Iraq, described the experience as "one of the best experiences of my life." Blanks smiled the entire time he ran with the torch. What truly made the day extra special for Darren was being handed the torch by Joss Naylor MBE.

On June 25th, Simon had his opportunity to carry the Olympic Flame around Morley. Although he was nervous, nothing could contain his excitement knowing he was representing his hometown, Morely.

Fun Facts:

• The Ancient Greeks believed that the flame was a symbol of a divine entity.

• The Olympic torch was first introduced at the Amsterdam Olympic Games in 1928.

• Next year, the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch will travel around 500 cities and towns. This is 90% Brazil's population!