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Northgate House

Northgate House is a special property in our charity's history, providing a fun place for the children of blind veterans to stay while their parents trained at the Brighton centre.

Northgate house

In 1946, we had increasing number of veterans attending our centre in Ovingdean for training, having been blinded in the Second World War. Soon the number of trainees exceeded the sleeping accommodation, so it was necessary to acquire another property. Northgate House is situated in the neighbouring village of Rottingdean. At first it was used for additional accomodation but soon after became the base for massage trainees for a small amound of time, a popular career for blind veterans.


In 1947, Blind Veterans UK received a £131,000 grant from the RAF - which today would amount to about £5million! This amount was raised throughout 1946, from an appeal to home and overseas RAF stations. It was decided that the money was to be spread across several projects, one of which was to renovate Northgate house into a children's holiday home. The idea was that children of veterans visiting the centre in Ovingdean could bring their children to Northgate house where they would be looked after for a day or a longer period of time. The house catered for girls aged 3-14 and boys aged 3-12. The holiday home was officially opened on 22 January 1948.