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Minute Book

Our very first minute book, which documents the early years of our charity from 1915 to 1921.



Blind Veterans UK was established in 1915, when large numbers of soldiers were returing blinded from the battle fields of the First World War. Our founder, Sir Arthur Pearson, lost his sight through glaucoma but was determined to help blind veterans continue to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Our minute book provided fascinating insight into our charity from 1915 through to 1921 documenting the vital support we were providing to veterans returning blinded from battle.

We are proud of the fact that our vision remains as strong today as it was in 1915: we believe that no one who has served our country should have to battle blindness alone.

As we celebrate our 100th anniversary and enter our second century, we're committed to helping blind and vision impaired ex-Service men and women discover life beyond sight loss.