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Matron Hughes Painting

A painting of one of St Dunstan's most treasured matrons.

Matron Hughes Painting

Matron Hughes, or 'Sister Pat' as she was affectionately known, came to St Dunstan's, now Blind Veterans UK, in 1916.

A painting of the Matron was created by James Penniston Barraclough - although unfortunately we do not know the date or the reason behind the painting.

Sister Pat had served in the South African war and wore medals of that campaign. She carried a mouth organ in her pocket and would often give the men a tune in the lounge.

The Review magazine in September 1916 featured a great letter from her where she described St Dunstan's as the "jolliest job I ever had". In 1918 she had to resign because of ill-health and it was hoped that she would become an important member of the visiting staff when she did recover, although sadly this didn't happen.

Her death was later mentioned in the 1940 February issue of the Review.

Matron Regent 's Park Francis Hughes - Sister Pat (00000002)