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Great Victory Concert

A celebratory concert in honour of St Dunstan's After Care work.

Victory Flag


Madame Clara Butt's concert in 1919 at the Royal Albert Hall was a great occasion. Attended by King George and Queen Mary, Princess Mary and Prince Henry, the concert was in aid of St Dunstan's After Care work.

The hall was packed and the orchestra was filled with the gorgeous gold and red uniforms of the Brigade of Guards. Providing the music was one of the most celebrated singers of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, Dame Clara Butt. 

She was a close friend of the royal family and was made Dame in recognition of her sterling work during the First World War bringing the together with rousing performances of Land of Hope and Glory and raising thousands of pounds for charity.

The concert was a special night not only for the guests who attended but for St Dunstan's.