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Golf Trophy

Golf has always been popular with blind veterans, and some have achieved national success.

RAF Cotishall Golf Trophy

Golf has always been a popular sport with blind veterans and some have excelled in this field.

There are many blind golf tournaments including the British Blind Golf Masters and the Word Blind Golf Championship, which have included blind veterans who have been supported by Blind Veterans UK.

One of those was William Oxenham came to us in 1919 and trained in massage and then as an osteopath. However, he went on to become well-known as a blind golfer and was a member of the West Hove Golf and Country Club. In 1938 he was invited to the United States by the cartoonist and broadcaster Robert Ripley to contest the World Blind Golf Championship against an American blind golfer, Clinton F.Russell. Although Russell won the match, it was broadcast live on radio and drew a large crowd of spectators. 

The trophy in the photo above was presented to a team of our blind golfers by RAF Cotishall Golf Society in October 2003.