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First Issue of the Review

The first edition of the Review, Blind Veterans UK's monthly magazine.

Review contents page

The first edition of Blind Veterans UK monthly house magazine, the Review, was formerly known as the St Dunstan's Revue and is almost as old as the charity.

The first edition was published only a few months after the move to St Dunstan's Lodge in July 1915. It was light-hearted and featured articles on rowing, Visitors' Day and the V.A.D's.

Although it is not known who originally started the magazine, when the next edition was published three months later the Editor threatened to stop publication if he didn't receive more literary support.

Revue Editorial (2)

For the next six months there was no publication of the magazine until one of the charity's masseurs, William Girling, revived the publication.

The first edition from Girling was a mixture of local news and fun and it was an immediate success.  A month later a second edition was published with a print of a thousand which sold out within a week. Girling promised to publish the magazine monthly and it has come out every month since then (except in December).