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First cheque ever received

This was the first income our charity received and represented the opening of our support to veterans who had lost their sight in the First World War.

The first cheque ever received

The cheque was written on 10th February 1915 - the day the first blind veteran was supported by the charity. John 'Jimmy' Bachelor arrived at our very first hostel at what was then 6 Bayswater Hill, where we have recently revealed a plaque marking our 100 years of service.

The cheque was from our charity's founder Sir Arthur Pearson, who was blind himself. He was also a newspaper proprietor, owner and founder of the Daily Express and Pearson's Weekly. Sir Arthur Pearson generously made out the cheque to the Blinded Soldiers and Sailors Care Committee, our original name. Today £6000 is equivalent to around £260,000, so this was a great start and really helped to get the charity off the ground.