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Early record

An 'early record' was kept for each veteran to ensure that they received the best possible support, rehabilitation and training.

Early Record

To make sure that all our veterans receive the best possible support, rehabilitation and training and that our services are tailored to each individual's needs, we keep records of each of our blind veterans and the different skills they have learnt.

This is now all done on computers but in the early years when soldiers were returning back from the First World War and Second World War all the records were typed by typewriter.

The object we are sharing with you today is a very early record of 2nd Lieutenant Fraser. It shows that he was blinded in 1916 and that it was his aunt that contacted us to let us know that he had been blinded and which hospital he had been sent to.

This shows that even after veterans had completed training with us the records are continually updated with how veterans are getting on and kept up to date with any changes in their circumstance, so we could tailor our support accordingly.

We still do this today. With the rehabilitation and training provided by our centres, the majority of our veterans live very independent lives and are spread right across the UK.

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