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Doll Houses

Blind veteran, Ted Miller, from Leamington Spa, had his stunning doll houses featured on BBC Television.

Miller Ted and wife working on Dolls House 1985

Blind veteran, Ted Miller, from Leamington Spa, designed and built doll houses and even appeared on BBC television in the Midlands in 1979.

Ted, who lost his sight and his hands, relied on his wife, Iris, to build the houses whilst he was the designer. They used materials such as knitted string for a thatched roof, oak beamed ceilings and inglenook fireplaces.

All the houses were furnished and most of the beautiful furniture was also designed and built by the husband and wife team. Although the models looked very real, Iris and Ted insisted that the doll houses were just toys for their grandchildren.

 Library Doll House


Kitchen Dolls House