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British War Relief Society Badge

A badge made from wood which was recovered from a bombed building.

Lion Badge

The British War Relief Society (BWRS) was the largest of several relief agencies that served Great Britain during the Second World War.

Although the relationship between St Dunstan's, now Blind Veterans U.K and the BWRS is not known, a wooden badge was produced bearing the emblem of the BWRS as well as the badge of St Dunstan.  The BWRS was known for their fundraising campaign selling jewellery and souvenirs with the lion rampant logo.

Lion Badge British War Relief Society Front 

The badge was made from wood which was retrieved from a bombed building, according to the inscription. One suggestion of the origin of the badge is that St Dunstan's provided the badge to the relief agency to sell and raise funds in United States.

The badge was sent to St Dunstan's archive department in 2004 by a member of the Military Brooch Collectors Club in the U.S.