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Brighton Chapel Stained Glass Window

The glass was originally placed in the chapel at our centre at West House, Brighton, and was later transferred to the new chapel where it remains today.

Unveiling of the stained glass at our Brighton chapel.


The chapel at Ovingdean, like the rest of the building, was designed by architect Francis Lorne. Now officially called St Dunstan's Chapel, it was opened on 25th October 1938 by the Right Reverend George Bell, Bishop of Chichester. There was a smaller Roman Catholic chapel on the 4th floor of the building.

A number of our blind veterans have themselves been ordained and taken services in the chapel. These include the Reverend Harold Gibb who served in France in the First World War as an Army Chaplain, acting against the wishes of the Archbishop of Canterbury in enlisting. He was severely wounded and blinded, and came to us in September 1917.

It is through Rev. Gibb that the chapel has a piece of sixteenth century glass from the original Cloth Hall at Ypres, which was ruined by artillery fire in the First World War. The glass was recovered by Captain Percy Palmer of the Welsh Guards, and was later presented by his widow to Rev. Gibb; with her agreement, he gave it to us.  It was initially placed in our chapel in our earlier centre in Brighton, West House, and was later transferred to the new chapel, where it remains to this day.