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Billy's Motorbike

 In 2003, Billy trained to take on the world record to be the Fastest Blind Man on a Motorbike! He broke the Guinness World Record by 24 mph and was recorded as the fastest blind man on a motorbike travelling at an incredible speed of 165 mph.

Former Staff Sergeant Baxter was serving in Bosnia with the 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery when he was left blinded in 1997 as a result of a virus. Billy had to accept his blindness and adjust to life without sight, however, his journey to rebuild his life was not easy. He became extremely bitter and depressed with what happened.

Shortly before Billy was discharged from the Army, his wife Karen found out about Blind Veterans UK, but Billy refused to get in touch. Billy reflects, "If it hadn't been for Karen and Blind Veterans UK I would not have the great life I have now."

With extensive help and support, Billy overcame his own battle with sight loss and went on to undertake a multitude of adventures including his record breaking speed. Blind Veterans UK has been with him, and his family, every step of the way.

Billy now works as the Rehabilitation & Training Liaison Officer at Blind Veterans UK's Llandudno centre and is the first blind town crier in Llandudno since 1862. Billy is a real inspiration to everyone who meets him and continues to surprise us.

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